Current and Recent Clients

Amos House, Providence, RI

  • Prepared all materials for capital campaign feasibility study to test a $6 million goal, prepared the case for support, lead letter, questionnaires for interviewees
  • Conducted 25 one-on-one interviews
  • Prepared comprehensive report and delivered summary in a Board presentation
  • Developed list of 175 campaign prospects
  • Suggested the capital campaign chair, assisted in recruiting campaign committee members and managed the campaign committee
  • Prospect Research exercise to identify the top 50 individual prospects
  • On track to meet $6 million goal ($5.7 million raised to date )

Blackstone Valley Community Health Care

  • Conducted a feasibility study to test a $2 million goal to construct and equip the third floor of the new Neighborhood Health Station in Central Falls, RI
  • Recommended a lower campaign goal
  • Raised $950,000 for the Neighborhood Health Station project as of October 2018
  • Planned and organized a breakfast for community and business leaders to generate interest and support for the Neighborhood Health Station 

Community Preparatory School, Providence, RI  

  • Prepared all materials for feasibility study to test a $16 million goal, prepared the case for support, lead letter, questionnaires for interviewees and Board members
  • Conducted 30 one-on-one interviews
  • Prepared comprehensive report and delivered summary in an Executive Board presentation

The Compass School, Kingston, RI

  • Developed a Culture of Philanthropy
  • Developed Annual Giving Campaign, identified a project to raise money for, wrote the annual appeal, designed the pledge form, personally solicited a select number of parents and administrators.  Annual Giving drive exceeded its goal
  • Organized a Development Committee of the Board.  Developed committee expectations and recruited all members of the Committee
  • Developed the concept, and planned, managed and executed signature event – “ A Celebration of Local Foods”

                                *Identified and solicited food vendors for the event, introduced a live auction
                                *Event generated attendance of 200+ in each year
                                *Exceeded goal in each of the three years of the event raising over $45,000

  • Conducted feasibility study for a campaign project
  • Developed campaign prospect list
  • Solicited and secured the first major gift for the campaign and other major gifts totaling $95,000

The Gamm Theater

  • Worked with the Managing Director and Development staff to strengthen their individual donor base
  • Conducted a training session on face-to-face solicitation for the Board of Trustees and the Development staff
  • Conducted feasibility study for campaign to test a $5 million goal to move to a potential new home in Pawtucket.
  • Wrote the feasibility study report and presented the report to the Board of Trustees 

Goodspeed Opera House

  • Conducted a pre-campaign assessment
  • Trained the development staff to prioritize face-to-face solicitations
  • Trained the development staff in the art of the ask, and closing gifts
  • Conducted a feasibility study to test a $3.5 million goal
  • I recommended they move forward with that goal as there was strong evidence of major donor support 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, Newport, RI

  • Prepared a Development Plan
  • Developed Sponsor Levels & Benefits for “Swing into Spring” annual fundraiser

                            *Solicited all sponsors and generated  25% increase in sponsorships

                            *Suggested client testimonials for annual fundraiser to enhance “Fund a Need” 

  • Wrote 2 annual appeal letters
  • Renewed focus on face-to-face solicitation and major gift cultivation and solicitation for new Executive Director

The Met School Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Providence, RI

  • Managed the first development fundraising initiative
  • Wrote case for support
  • Conducted feasibility study
  • Established capital campaign leadership committee
  • Developed prospect list
  • Wrote all grants, all donor correspondence, and participated in all solicitations
  • Set up first development database and assisted in hiring a database coordinator
  • Held 2 campaign events
  • Raised over $380,000

Providence Country Day

  • Co-wrote the feasibility study informational materials outlining the scope and priorities of a prospective capital campaign
  • Conducted feasibility study interviews to test a $5 million campaign goal
  • Wrote the feasiblity study report and presented the report to the Campaign Steering Committee and Board of Trustees

Providence Public Library

  • Assisting in raising the charitable portion of a $24 million building project
  • Organized a capital campaign steering committee in prioritizing and strategizing on prospect outreach and solicitation
  • Provide monthly strategic direction on prospect cultivation and solicitation
  • Conducted research on corporations and foundations to add to the campaign prospect list
  • Campaign has raised $2.1 million to date in charitable gifts as of October 2018

Rhode Island Free Clinic, Providence, RI

  • Identified top individual prospects for a renewed focus on face-to-face relationship building and solicitation
  • Board Development and solicitation training
  • Grant writing services

Rhode Island Public Radio

  • Wrote the case for support
  • Managing and executing a $6 million capital campaign
  • Working with Executive Director, key staff and campaign committee on prospect outreach, campaign solicitations and campaign strategy
  • Campaign has raised $3.6 million to date as of October 2018

The Seasons, East Greenwich, RI

  • Developed the concept, planned, managed and executed a signature special event “Sip, Savor & Celebrate” which raised $52,000 over 2 years

                   *Developed sponsor levels and benefits, solicited all sponsors
                   *Solicited silent auction items

  • Wrote annual appeal letter which generated $8,000 
  • Organized a planned giving seminar, identified an Estate Planning Attorney to conduct the seminar

St. Raphael’s Academy, Pawtucket, RI

  • Developed comprehensive fundraising plan and increased annual giving by 9%
  • Wrote case for support for a special initiative
  • Set up and managed a major gifts committee
  • Met $100,000 major gift goal
  • Developed individual and corporate prospect lists and solicitation strategies
  • Wrote grant applications
  • Assisted in cleanup of database
  • Planned special event     

Sophia Academy, Providence, RI

  • Managed capital campaign with $1.5 million goal
  • Wrote campaign case for support
  • Established and managed campaign leadership committee
  • Developed prospect list, assignments and strategies
  • Conducted Board and campaign committee solicitation trainings
  • Capital campaign exceeded its goal

Special Olympics Rhode Island, Warwick & Smithfield, RI

  • Served as campaign counsel for stalled building campaign
  • Managed campaign committee
  • Developed prospect list, assignments and strategies
  • Prospect Research exercise to identify additional campaign prospects
  • Raised $1.4 million in 18 months to complete campaign
  • Developed donor recognition plan


Tockwotton on the Waterfront, East Providence, RI

  • Developed comprehensive fundraising plan
  • Worked with Board to embrace a culture of philanthropy
  • Assisted in development of signature fundraising event and auction

                   *Suggested potential sponsors
                   *Identified and solicited the event chairperson
                    *Signature event exceeded its goal

  • Prospect Research exercise to identify the top 50 individual prospects to serve as a foundation for face-to-face cultivation and solicitation


Trinity Repertory Company, Providence, RI

  • Helped raise $12 million to complete an $18 million campaign
  • Wrote campaign case for support
  • Managed campaign steering committee
  • Conducted solicitation training for campaign steering committee
  • Personally solicited a $325,000 gift from a major donor
  • Enhanced individual giving program
  • Managed prospect review meetings
  • Assisted in development of renewed planned giving program


The J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center, Warwick, RI
2011-2012 / 2014-2015

  • Developed comprehensive fundraising plan
  • Wrote case for support
  • Executed successful $400,000 campaign for Pathways Strategic Learning Center

                     *Secured  largest gift ever from local credit union

  • Planned and managed 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Wrote corporate grants
  • Resurrected annual fund program

                     *8% response rate from the first direct mail appeal
                     *First direct mail appeal generated $40,000

United Theatre

  • Conducted feasibility study for United Theatre campaign
  • Wrote the case for support
  • Developed a campaign plan to raise $4 million
  • Established and managed campaign committee
  • Campaign postponed while Board of Trustees re-evaluated construction plans​

Visiting Nurse Home Care of Rhode Island, Lincoln, RI


  • Board training to embrace a Culture of Philanthropy
  • Developed individual, corporate and foundation prospect list
  • Provided grant writing services
  • Secured $60,000 in gifts from grants and individuals
  • Assisted in all aspects of planning “There’s No Place Like Home” signature event

                      *Developed sponsor levels and benefits
                      *Solicited sponsors
                       *Increased revenue generated for signature event by 55%


WaterFire, Providence, RI

  • Prepare comprehensive development plan
  • Develop capital campaign case statement for a $10 million campaign
  • Identify campaign leadership
  • Develop campaign prospect list and solicitation and cultivation strategies
  • Train Board and Campaign Leadership on solicitations
  • Accompany Board and Campaign Leadership on solicitations